Social Media Strategy & Management

Not having a social media footprint is no longer an option for any business, but there is a huge difference from having an account and having one that is engaging and driving new business.


Getting this right for your business is not made any easier by the ever-evolving social media environment, especially navigating the new platforms being launched and what is on trend. As well as answering the single most important question – once you get followers, how do you convert the ‘likes’ to actual paying customers?


Lucky for you, the team at Social IMPRINT are experts at navigating this complicated environment and have three offerings that will have you reaping the benefits in no time:


We will get you up and running with everything you need. This includes creating your accounts, building a base of followers and ensuring your accounts are meeting their objectives. Another benefit of working with the Social IMPRINT team is that we will take you through the social media basics for business so that if you choose to, your team will be able to manage the accounts moving forward. Don’t worry though, we aren’t going to throw you in the deep end, all packages include management of the accounts for 2 months.



If you currently have social media accounts but are not getting what you need out of them or they are not fully functioning, then this is the option for you. We will go through your current accounts and get them firing to their full potential. You will come out of this process with a social media and content strategy to ensure that moving forward you are completely prepared for the conversation with your consumers.


We appreciate that managing social media accounts is not for everyone – and it’s what we love at Social IMPRINT. So, we also offer ongoing management your accounts.

Social media is all we do, and we’re good at it!